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What is the most Important

What is the most  Important Passing Exams OR Acquiring domain knowledge & Skill set???

Hi Sir, I want to enroll in the CFP certification regular pathway… Please recommend few good books to pass exams… OR Sir, I am unsuccessful (40%) in Exam 5/Final… I have few important questions… Please provide solutions…So I can pass exams… Finally… Sir, I am fresher… I have completed my CFP certification but finding difficult to get jobs…. When I did an analysis found that passed all exam average 2 or 3 attempts with a C grade and poor quality of knowledge.

Please note that the objective of certification is to acquire sound domain knowledge and skill sets (CA, CFP, CFA, etc.) not just to pass the exam…But most aspirants think that the certification pursed in self study & examination is conducted online…So let me borrow books/notes from friends/colleagues and appear exams directly and may end up poor knowledge and skill set.

The Three key disadvantages of joining in Self Study

1) Lack of right Direction… may end up with wasting double time (Eg. The required time is 600 hours in regular pathway and you may need 1200 hrs means 600 hrs more time required equivalent of  two months time)

2) Wasting Money… May end with repeated attempts (2-3) in exams which cost extra 15000 to 20000

3) Not Job Ready… Poor Knowledge & Skill Set… Aspirant may fail to demonstrate sound domain knowledge/skill set during the interview to the employer and may be unsuccessful or starts with lower salary. OR IFA may not put into practice and enhance revenue per client or may not able to start fee based practice.

Our successful fresher participants acquired the domain knowledge and skill sets with our high quality training workshop, study material and post training support…which helped them to complete their CFP certification with a good grade @ 1st attempt…Today, we are happy to share that our fresher participants have successfully absorbed in the corporate world after completion of CFP with us.

1)    Nidhi Manchanda
2)    Priya Shah
3)    Charmi Shah
4)    Rikita shah
5)    Vidhi Shukla
6)    Anand
7)    Rajiv & Many mores…Pls visit  our website for more detail.

As New FY 14-1 already arrived…This is Time to introspect and do necessary progressive steps to ensure double digit growth of your income…Customers are getting mature and wise… This is Right Time to PUSH "GOALS" INSTEAD OF PRODUCTS…PUSH 1st LOGIC…Push Comprehensive Financial Planning instead of relationship…Be a Trusted & Respected Family Financial Planner with us.

Now, you have Golden Opportunity to LEARN N MASTER the ART of GOAL BASED FAMILY FINANCIAL PLANNING to double your conversion rate, Triple your ticket size and 5 times AUM in 5 year time and also launch your FEE based Comprehensive Financial Planning Service.

Be a CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER) by June'14 @ 1st Attempt with a good Grade (A/B) with Mr. KEYUR SHAH, CFP^CM (A Grade), BE, MBA, MFA-LIMRA, III Associate (Life), AMFI & IRDA Certified. India’s Best & No. 1 Expert "Coach & Trainer" (Fast Track CFP)- 100+ Professional CFP Aspirants have completed their CFP in Regular or Challenge pathway @ 1st Attempt with a Good Grades (A/B) in last 3 years…

Check in website to Read/Speak 133+ Success Stories before joining in the Classroom or Video Learning Kit. The Last Golden Opportunity to Join our World Class Fast Track  CFP Training Workshop…

1) 1 Seat Left in 4th Weekend Batch Kandivali Starting from 5th April- Gross Fee 25k…Rs. 5000 discount till 2nd April…Net FEE only 20k. (40 hrs Training over period of one month) + Study Material + Post Training Support till you complete CFP

2) 3 Seats left in 41st batch Fast Track CFP Training Workshop in Dadar dates 24th to 27th April- Gross Fee 20k…Rs. 4000 discount till 5th April…Net FEE only 16k.

3) Video Learning Kit (v5-2014-8 full day Live Recorded) Training workshop- Gross Fee 23k…Rs. 5000/- Discount till 5th April…Net Fee only 18k…Please checkin our new YouTube video & website for more detail and call for more detail.

7 Unique benefits of Learn n Master Art of Goal based Family Financial Planning with us.

The Way we will teach & You implement classroom learning with your prospective Customers will be following benefits.

0) Learn to prepare your own comprehensive Financial Plan, Right Asset allocation and choose the best Investment products for yourself…will provide 1 full year supports for queries.

1) Learn & Master the "Art of Financial Planning" & will be able to do Goal based Financial Planning calculations & will able to provide wider Advisory to the client that helps to double your ticket size, conversion rate & AUM in the long Run.

2) Confident to launch your Fee based Financial Planning & Real Estate Advisory Practice and overall additions of Rs. 1,00,000 (One lac income) per year With the help of our Training & Guidelines.

3) You can contact Mr. Keyur Shah even posts CFP for your practical queries/Doubts. (Indirectly will act as Planner's Planner)

4) You will get an Indirect Assurance of passing CFP Modules/Exam5 at 1st Attempt with a good grades subject to post training preparation.

5) Fast Track your Career in Corporate and better prospect to become Global Citizen.

6) You will be Respected, Trusted & Earn reputation among your Clients/relatives/friends.

7) Enjoy your profession and forever Happiness.

Note: Above Benefits are shared/expressed by our successful participants and you can speak them before joining our Training Workshop/Video Learning Kit.

Aim to complete your CFP…Please call…will show the right PATH n when U follow our path…you will be a CFP by June14


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