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Share Market Experts are not God…

Share Market Experts are not God…

I remember that in Mid 2011, I attended one seminar organized by Divya bhaskar in Ahmedabad. 1st session was conducted by one of leading CFP from Mumbai on Financial Planning but people felt it dry…few Questions…Next session was conducted by one of leading Share expert from Mumbai and Excitement begunHe shared about one of stock I can remember was Sterlite Technologies…He suggested to buy for 1 years to 3 years horizon based on fundamental and future business potential…End of session people were so excited that started asking for tips or feedback about stocks they were holding or want to buy.

Later on, I found that Sterlite Technologies was suggested by the same expert during 2011 or 2012 to buy for 1 years to 3 years horizon.

Today, I thought, let me check and found that

22/06/2011- Share price was 48.50

22/06/2012 -share price was 31.25 ( 45% down from suggested price)

24/06/2013-share price was 20.95 ( 60% down from suggested price)

23/06/2014-Share price was 71.20 ( 40% up from 2011 suggested price)

07/04/2015- Share price is 60.80 (20% high from 2011 suggested price)

CAGR return of 6.21%.


It is difficult to predict the future share price…Many times share broking houses give BUY / SELL suggestions based on sentiments or increase their brokerage commission.

As a retail Investor, One should avoid direct equity investment and it should be routed through Quality Mutual Fund schemes.


Learn to construct your Family Financial Plan…Your Life’s Road Map…Benefits of Future Ready.

  1. Take a control of your financial health in your hands.
  2. Vaccination against mis-selling done by manufactures/intermediaries.
  3. Keep yourself financially fit and healthy & Insurance for ensuring a good financial health.
  4. Learn simple and straight forward way for the best personal financial planning.
  5. Be a Financially Educated- Be a Logical- Learn to avoid trap of street smart salesman.
  6. Learn to avoid Speculation/Impulse shopping/bad habits.
  7.  You will learn, understand & prioritize your inflation adjusted Corpus required & additional SIPs required to achieve for Various Important Life Goals.
  8. You will learn the right asset allocation: Which Enables you to construct the Right Portfolio (with Lower charges, Safe, Tax efficient, Flexible and provide Good return in the Long run.) 
  9. Learn New Relationship with Money: Family will have enough corpuses to achieve family’s goals and Family will feel richer. 
  10. Higher Income: The Domain Knowledge & Skills will help to have the higher passive and provide more time to generate active income.
  11.  Peace of Mind & Forever Happiness: you will learn the Road map of your life’s Journey which enables forever happiness and peace of mind.
  12. You will become more Confident, have the Positive Attitude and will enjoy your Journey of life.
  13.  Save Your Time: You can give more time to your business/family/Job instead of spending too much time with your bankers/advisers/TV/News papers etc. 

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