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Be a HNI / NRI & Corporate Investor Portfolio Manager

Be a HNI / NRI & Corporate Investor Portfolio Manager / Planner Learning Workshop (Based on CFA USA L1 Syllabus)

We have successfully completed our 2nd Batch- Be a HNI / NRI & Corporate Investor Global Portfolio Planner / Manager based on CFA L1 syllabus on dated 21st to 23rd Feb 2018 at Xth Central Mall, Kandivali W, Mumbai.

Batch 2 PMS Group photo
Watch Video – Day 1 Key Learning
Watch Video – Day 2 Key Learning
Watch Video : Day 3 Key Learning
Four Sr. Independent Professionals have attended Learning Workshop.
1. Mr. Viraj Padhye, SEBI Register Investment Adviser, CFP, Pune
2. Mr. Brij Gopal Damani, Succession Planning Expert, CFP, Mumbai.
3. Mr. Amol Pimplekar, CFP, Ex. Sr. Stock Broking Professional, IFA, Mumbai.
4. Mr. Paras Kotak, CFA L1 passed, CFP Aspirant, Mumbai.
We have successfully completed our 1st Batch of “ Be a HNI / Corporate Investor Portfolio Planner based on CFA L1 syllabus” – 3 full days workshop 17th to 19th Jan18 @ Xth Central Mall, Kandivali W,Mumbai.

Batch 1 PMS

PFA Video Links to watch Videos

1) Participants Introduction

2) Day 1 Key Learning

3) Day 2 Key Learning

4) Day 3 & Over all Key Learning

Participants Profile as below

1. Mr. N S Kishore Kumar, CFP, Sr. CXO level Professional, Ex. Country Head, Corporate Finance Division, HDFC Bank (Now working as a Corporate Management Consultant & Independent Director on a Board of a leading Listed companies)

2. Mr. Vinod Benade, CFP, Sr. IFA, Mumbai

3. Mr. Ashish Shah, CFP, Sr. IFA, Vadodara

4. Mr. Mayank Patel, CFP, Sr. IFA, Bardoli

5. Mr. Ankit Savla, IT Professional, Dombivali

Key Features

1. 3 Full Days Classroom Practical Training Workshop: 21 hrs training. (Training will be conducted by Mr. Keyur Shah CFP Coach & CFA L1 Aspirant)

2. Study Material: Study books & Question bank

3. Post Training support: 3 months for solving Practical or subject queries. 

Practical Training Workshop Flow:

1)    A Rational Investor is looking for a Maximum Utility from his Portfolio Not Only RETURN.

Max UTILITY: Optimum Portfolio which gives Highest Satisfaction at given Risk Return.

2)    Portfolio Manager prepares IPS by considering RRTTLLU of an Investor.

3) What is Portfolio Management Process? Need of it & Benefits of Independent Portfolio Manager.

Learn to acquire, Manage & Retain 1 Cr to 100 Cr Portfolio.*

Learn to think / Act As a Professional Fund Manager

3)    Key Components of Portfolio

4)    Risk Management

5)    Portfolio Risk & Returns

6)    How to construct Optimum Risk Adjusted Portfolio

Asset Allocation Strategy: Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation

Securities Selection: How to calculate Intrinsic value of Asset ( Fundamental Analysis & Valuation Techniques)

7)   Asset Classes

International Vs Domestic Equity

Active Vs. Passive Strategy

Fix Income: Bonds (Entity Vs Asset backed), Debt MF vs. Bank FD 

Derivatives: Risk Management or Speculation

Alternative Investments like Private Equity Fund, Venture Capital fund, Hedge Fund, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Fund, Commodities*

8) Portfolio Management Strategy:

1. Accumulation Vs      Withdrawal

2. Risk Management Strategy

3. Investor Vs. Fund Manager Allocation Strategy.

9) Key Benefits to IFA / CFP / RIA

1. IFA / CFP / RIA will develop the detailed Technical understanding in Portfolio Management.

2. It will help him to establish AUM based Fee model to generate recurring income.

3. IFA / CFP can educate their customers to move from physical asset class to Financial Assets to generate more tax efficient real rate of return with safety & liquidity.

4. Helps HNI / Corporate Avoid Investment mistakes or Save from mis-selling.

5. Highest Utility leads to Highest Satisfaction & Happiness.

6. IPS, RRTTLLU, Right Strategic Asset Allocation & Rebalancing leads to positive Alpha & Gamma.

7. Save Cost & Save Time

8. Higher Conversion of HNI / Corporate Clients

9. Higher AUM & SIP Book Size will lead to higher Income

10. Higher Respect & Trust from Clients

11. Finally, Acts as a Financial Coach to HNI / Corporate Clients

Batch Size : 05

Regular Training Fee : 30k per participant.

Introductory Fee: Limited to 1st 5 batches

50% concession: 15k

Net FEE : Rs. 15,000/- only for 3rd batch

Training dates:

Batch 3 : 9th to 11th January 2019 – 3 Days Learning Workshop 9am to 6pm.* (Wed to Fri) 

Location : Office No 28, 2nd floor, Xth Central Mall, Kandivali West, Mumbai – 400067

Pls call or message if any queries


8169969026 – Voice / 9167362201 – WhatsApp

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