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Planner’s Planner Service

Scope / Objective / Need of Service:

As we know that you as an Independent Financial Adviser / Corporate Employee (RM /WM/ FA) main job functions are client acquisition, Client Advisory and client retention. You need to achieve minimum desired numbers to survive and grow in your career. But, we have found that Mfgs/ Employers (Insurers / MF /Banks) provide only “Training” to enhance your selling skills so you can produce higher numbers from them. Mostly you end up with Mis-selling or wrong selling because of limited knowledge or skills sets Eg. Promoting NFOs instead of existing performing MF funds or pushing hard Life Insurance for most needs of clients.

As we know that most successful Sports persons or Film Stars or Businessman have their own coach to for guidance & supports… So, you need a Coach or Mentor who can guide you to travel in the right direction and supports in Client acquisition & Advisory.

The Role of Planner’s Planner is regularly upgraded your technical (Domain) knowledge & Skills set through Training / Queries handling /Supports in Financial Plan Construction which enable you to achieve the next level in your career in 2 to 3 years.


1) Training of right process for Client Acquisition (FEE based)

2) Learning of best process to construct comprehensive Financial Plan

3) Solving client’s regular queries

4) Achieving highest level of trust & respect of client

Advantages of Coach or Mentor:

1) Continuos updation your Technical Domain knowledge & Skill sets

2) Learn & Master Best Global Practice of Family Financial Planning

3) Practical Training & Query handling support

4) Higher Level of Confidence

5) Supports in Client Acquisition, Client Advisory & Client Retention.

Benefits of Planner’s Planner Service:

1) You will be more trusted & Respected among clients

2) Higher conversion rate & Higher Ticket Size

3) Retention of clients

4) You will be able to deliver High Quality Advisory

5) Enjoy your profession

6) Minimum 100% Return on Investment (Fees paid to Keyur Shah)

7) Can launch FEE based practice

Benefits to Clients / Customers:

1) Highest level of domain knowledge & skill sets (expertise) – Team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner ( Partner Coach & Mr. Keyur Shah, BE, MBA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, India’s Best Expert Coach (Financial Planner / Financial Adviser) having 11+ years of domain experience.

2) Highest level of Integrity / Honesty

3) Unbiased High quality professional advice

4) Save Approx Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousands) to Rs. 50,000 (Fifty thousands) worth TIME in one year based on your annual income. (Approx 182.5 hrs of savings in years)

5) An opportunity to generate excess / extra returns on your investments with help right Asset Allocation strategy (Positive Alpha & Gamma returns of Approx of 1% to 3% pa in the long run)… Which will generate additional value of Rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000- every year based on AUM.

6) Goal based comprehensive Financial Plan construction

7) Selection of the suitable products / best performing funds / products based on our fundamental research.

8) Can work as an antivirus for your financial life.

9) Peace of Mind and more time with your family or for your business or job.

10) Guidance across Asset class (Equity, Debt, Real Estate, Alternative Investments, Structured products and Commodities etc.)

11) Estate Planning

12) Tax Planning

13) Debt reduction planning (Savings of 1% to 2% interest pa )

14) Contingency Planning

15) Life style expenses reduction planning

Summary: Client will have 3 to 5 times benefits of your annual fee (Eg. If you paid Rs. 20,000/- fee and approx total benefits rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000 pa in long run)

FEEs payable to Mr. Keyur Shah CFP:

Gross Annual FEE 50k… Happy to offer 10,000 early bird concessions till 31-3-16… Net FEE 40k and the option to pay in 4 equal Quarterly instalments.

Working Notes for service:

1) Mr. Keyur Shah will act as a Coach or Mentor; He will invest his time 4hrs/month or 50hrs/years to verify or finetune Financial Plan prepared by you and also solve client’s queries handling.

2) He will also send regular mails (Twice in a month) to quality updates you about unbiased comparison of products, Best practice sharing of participants etc.

Note: It is best suitable to those participants who have attended CFP Training with Mr. Keyur Shah and plan to set up or grow their FP Practice.

Direct Cell nos. 9167362201 / 9930751709

E mail Ids: KeyurCFP@theCFPaspirantClubIndia.Com,

Office Address: The CFP Aspirant Club (India)Xth central mall, Office No.25, 2nd, Floor, Mahavir Nagar, Nr. D-Mart Kandivali (W), Mumbai.

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