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Learn & Master the Art of Goal based Family Financial Planning

We have successfully completed 1 day training workshop Learn & Master the Art of Goal based Family Financial Planning Pan India (Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad & Mumbai) for Learning & Development Training Team of Birla Sunlife Insurance.

Training Methodology:

1) Case Study based Pre Training Test
2) Brain Storming:
a) Why customer delays decision of buying financial products even though he needs it.
b) Why Attrition of SIP/Premature withdrawals
c) What could be BEST long term Solution

3) Learn Secret Success of Financial Planner (Art of Financial Planning with 5 step process)

4) Learn Goal based Calculations (Inflation adjusted Corpus/SIP) with 5 step Process
1) Retirement Planning
2) Children’s Higher Education Planning
3) Children’s Marriage Planning
4) Annual Vacation Planning
5) Additional Life Insurance Planning
6) Emergency Corpus Planning

5) Post Training Test

Benefits to Participants:

1) Participant will be able to prepare & present comprehensive Goal based Comprehensive Financial Plan for their Customers.
2) Participant will be able to prepare & present various scenarios & educate the importance of right asset allocation during accumulation & distribution phase.
3) Participant will be able to solve advance queries on personal financial planning of their customer. (Insurance to Estate planning)
4) Participant will be benefited with higher conversion rate, bigger ticket size & AUM will be in the long term with regular practice of Art of Retirement Financial Planning.
5) Earn Respect & Trust from customers and can launch fee based financial planning service.

Photo of Chennai Training workshop (8/2/14)Photo of Chennai Training workshop (8/2/14)





Mumbai (23rd Feb.2014)



Delhi (12th Feb.14)learn6



Ahmedabad (22/2/14)