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MFFPWC – CFP Double Sure Classroom Training Workshops Schedule 2019

Dear MFFPWC – CFP Aspirant,

1) Independent Advisor: Target Rs. 100+ Cr. MF AUM – Comprehensive MFFWP-CFP Learning Program – 18 Months with India’s Best Expert Coach Mr. Keyur Shah CFP.

2) Target Next Level in Professional Career – For RM / WM / Bankers working Banking & Financial Services Sector.

3) Target 1st Good Job – for Freshers.

4) Investor Family: Avoid Investments Mistakes & Mis-Selling by Agents / Bank for Investors"

5) Be a HNI / NRI & Corporate Investor Portfolio Manager (Based on CFA USA L1 Syllabus)

Be a Future Ready…Be a Client Ready…Be a Family Financial & Portfolio Wellness Coach to your Investors Family.


Must Watch Video


Must Watch Video for Every IFA / MFD / RM / WM / Insurance Agent / CFP Aspirant


Software Engineer to Financial Planner – Mr. Ankit Savla


Lawyer to MFD / IFA – Mrs. Isha Ankit Savla


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Key Benefits of MFFPWC – CFP Course

Independent Agent / Distributor: Provides Strong Foundation / Road Map to achieve Rs. 100+ Cr. MF AUM to IFA & Set up Fee based Advisory Practice.

FRESHER: Double your Salary…Get a good starting average salary 20k vs fresher Graduate 10k.

RM / WM / PB: Be a Trusted / Respected RM / WM / Private Banker. Learn how to achieve targets with a quality.

INVESTOR: Be a wise Investor…Install Financial ANTIVIRUS…Avoid mistakes to be a successful Investor…Learn to achieve ur Goals & Earn a good post tax Real rate of return.

Final_CFP CD Cover 1

13 Key Features of MFFPWP – CFP Training Workshop

1. Pre Training: Participant will have to complete live recorded lectures / training which will help to create foundation for classroom training. ( Compulsory )

2. Training : 5 months of Classroom Learning : 21 weekends (Sat or Sun) Batch: Only Group of 5 Participants : 2x level of CFP training…Achieve the highest level in Personal Finance Domain Knowledge with India's Best Expert Coach & One to One Personal Queries handling – 1 hr every week for next 12 months ( Mutually Convienent Time during Weekdays)    

3. Revision of Training: Participant will have an access of Live Recorded training to revise classroom session to digest concept / calculations. ( Max period 6 months).

4. Practical handholding: Aspirant has to prepare Goal based Financial Planning Calculations of their clients (Handouts & Supports will be provided).

5. Learn & practice to prepare Customized hand written Comprehensive Family Financial Plan ( Self + 5 Families).

6. Updated & Advance Study Material to complete CFP certification.

7. Be a HNI / NRI & Corporate Investor Portfolio Manager (Based on CFA USA L1 Syllabus)

8. Post Training Supports – One to one queries handling for 12 months period.

9. Soft Skills training (Listening, Questioning techniques, Objection handling, Closing etc.) : Soft Skills training (Client Acquisition, Advisory & Retention) – Double your Conversation rate, Triple your ticket size and Multiply your AUM, Be a Client Ready…Be a Future Ready.

10. Mock tests for each exams (CFP needs to complete in max 12 months).

11. Once you complete your CFP Certification, you will eligible to attend most prestigious 3 Full Days Classroom Learning Workshop “Be a HNI / NRI Investor Portfolio Planner” based on CFA Level 1 Syllabus. In Mumbai.

Visit link for more detail:

12) Proactive voluntary Support in Job Placement

13) MFFPWC certification exam : 

We will conduct 1 exam (6 hrs – 150 marks – 50 Que) post CFP : Objective of exam is to construct hand written comprehensive Family Financial & Portfolio Plan of a given case study. ( Note : Min pass% 60%)- We will share more details once you pass CFP Exam 5…Once you pass exam will be rewared with "Master in Family Financial & Portfolio Wellness Coach" certificate by MFFPWC Board India.

13. You will get the Membership of CFP Practitioner Club ( You will get many benefits like eg. Membership of Whatsapp group of PAN India CFP, Participate in our Conferences as a Speakers, Enroll in Post CFP Learning modules etc.)

We are happy to announce our MFFPWC CFP Preparation Training workshop (Weekends) Batches schedule starting from  July / Sept 2018

87th  Batch : Kandivali W

87th Batch starting 13th April  2019 :  5 Months (21 weekends) every Saturday 9am to 2pm (Last 1 Seat left)

Batch size: 5

Training fees:

NET FEE for Regular / Challenge Pathway Participant: Rs. 99,000 (Rs Ninety Nine Thousand Only) per participant…Payable in 3 monthly Installments of 33k

IMP Communication to MFFPWC – CFP Aspirants

Pls read it thoroughly before you contact me…Expectations settings from my side to avoid future conflict…Once you paid the FEE..It is understood that you have accepted conditions / guidelines.

1. Our Relationship will be Guru / Coach & Aspirant / Student (not a buyer – Seller)…I wil help you to become Personal Finance Domain expert (True Financial Planner) and passing exams will be byproducts provided your follow my guidelines in spirit.

2. Average 3 hrs per day ( 12th+ / Fresher Graduate 4 to 5 hrs) or 20 hrs / week Time Investment for Regular Pathway Aspirants for 9 to 12 months / Challenge pathway for 6 to 9 months period to achieve the domain expertise in Comprehensive Financial Plan construction and passing exams @ 1st attempt with a good grades.

3. Video Learning Kit Aspirants will get the right to access password protected Video Learning for 4 months (Only 1 window based PC allowed). We will charge 10k extra for additional one month extension.

4. Classroom / Video Learning participants will right to access the Soft copy Study Notes / Solutions password for limited period to 12 months…post will charge 5k for each months extension of passwords / Post Training supports. ( No Hard copy allowed)

5. Practical Application of Learning: Meeting 1 person every day and doing Goal based Financial Planning to get depth of subject matter ( We will provide Handouts)

6. Post Training Supports through phone/mail/one to one queries handling till you complete CFP max. 12 months from start date of 1st training session / 1st time password.

7. Queries handling time between 1pm to 7pm (Monday to Friday)…No queries will be entertained on Saturday & Sunday…You have to 1st mail / whatsapp queries and we will reply by end of next working day. (Note : I am a Human not the Robot so if i am travelling / Non well / Engaged other Professional / Social activities…No support provided during that period)

8. You have to follow all guideline (will be given during training / post training period) to be followed in spirit…Pls note that you are doing CFP 1st time in life and Mr. Keyur Shah has produced 291+ CFPs. We will welcome suggestions but Mr. Keyur Shah's decision will be final.

9. Monetary Investments

A) Mr. Keyur Shah : Classroom FEE 99k OR Video Learning Kit FEE 69k

B) You need to pay approx 60k to FPSB India for Registration / Exams / Certification/ Calculator 2k …Pls visit for more details.

10. All Contents (Includes Video Learning, Study Material, Imp. Notes & Personal Guidance) are only to use for an Individual Registered Classroom / Video Learning Participant.

You will not be allowed to share (online /offline or upload) or Discuss any contents for FREE or FEE to another CFP Aspirants. If found that we will take necessary Legal Actions against you to protect our intellectual properties. (Note: Pls take it seriously because in past we won all 3 Legal cases against those students who shared with another participants & had to pay full applicable fees)

11. VImp Notes:

A) Your Coaching FEE is NON-REFUNDABLE applicable on particular Batch you took Admission. 

B) We will also take necessary legal actions in case of failure of paying remaining installments fee as per schedule whether you continue or discontinue so pls think thrice before joining coaching.

C) You will have to pay full applicable FEE in case you joined 2nd time in a single installment.