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6th Times Unsuccessful

6 times unsuccessful…but 7th time with our CFP Video Learning Successful…Happy to share 153rd Success Story of Mr. Srinivas, Sr. Independent Financial Adviser, Hyderabad successfully completed his CFP Exam 5 / Final @ 1st attempt post video learning on 26thAug.14. 

A big thanks

Srinivas P <> Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at 11:21 AM

To: Keyur Shah CFP <>, Keyur Shah CFP <>


This is Sreenivas, from Hyderabad.

Sir after completing 4 modules in July 2012 I have prepared with one of my colleague, Mr Sriram Nagesh for the final module for more than a month. Which I could not succeed in which he could clear it. I.e on In September 27th, 2012. Now it's left for me to give a finishing which I was unsuccessful for almost 6 times and 3 times I left on the border. I was not finding any clues how breaks the barrier. Last year Keyur sir called me in the month of May while I was about to go in an attempt. Because of very shortage of time and money. I couldn't commit to sit for the coaching material.

This month when on the 3rd Aug.14, I have booked for a slot I recollect his words n contacted him on 8th and sincerely on 11th I have got his material and got very short time for the preparation. He has clearly told me that you need to give 6 hrs times. For the 26 th slot. Now started listening to the video learning kit and noted down the solved problems. Listened to the theory questions keenly because of late theory curriculum also changed on the exam pattern, I think only 2 theory questions I have asked him for the answers. In he means process.

For me at age of 53 years, it was a real challenge for me, despite of professional activities and managing an office with two assistants it was something like a devil sitting on me to complete this course.

Of course finish with end the mind and inspiration from my NJ colleagues and all constructive steps provided by Keyur sir really helped me to complete CFP course. The comfort level after listening to the Video Learning raised up. And two key words really helped me there is no short cut to success. You have to go through the process. Enjoy the learning and the environment doesn’t carry the exam as a burden. Just enjoy with passion as you see an entertaining movie. They have really helped me.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge all colleagues and seniors, Mr Nagaraj Mr. DV Suresh, Sri Suri Seetharam Mr Sagar Mr Sinivas peddi, Mr Nagesh Sri B. Kulkarni n colleagues and the expert coach Sri Keyur Shah.. Thank you very much, sir, all the best. You have made the difference.

Thank you again.

Sreenivas Rao pul


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