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321+ Success Stories

 325th Success Story: 

Software Engineer to CERIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER – Mr. Ankit Savla

Lawyer to MFD / IFA – Mrs. Isha Ankit Savla

Must Watch Video for Every IFA / MFD / RM / WM / Insurance Agent / CFP Aspirant

Thank you The RICH DAD.


Ankit Savla <> Tue, Jan 1, 2019 at 9:53 AM

To: Keyur Shah <>

Hello, Mr Keyur Shah (The RICH DAD),

It gives immense pleasure to pen down words on the first morning of 2019.

As always mentioned, "A Journey from Software Engineer to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER", its an opportunity to describe in few words.

The first time I asked him in the last week of August 2017, Can I become CFP ? and with immediate revert "Yes you can". On 13th December 2018.. the words came true and it was Ankit Pravin Savla CFP^CM.

I have not met a teacher who can make any complicated concepts so simple that anyone can understand and implement too.

Yes, I repeat complicated to very simple with his "5 Step Process".

It is not rocket science but his "Logical Process" that makes it "Magical Process".

I had joined him so that I can manage my finances and that was my simple requirement when I approached him.

But he promised 2X of CFP during the journey but I received 10X.

His practise assignment with people generated a demand from an audience to start my journey as an advisor.

He helped me to complete my all 5 exams in the first attempt with good grades and also helped me to start my advisory practice with my wife Mrs Isha Ankit Savla named "HiFinancez" in Feb 2018.

His methods not only help to solve questions of exams but also helped me to handle all objections of the clients.

We became now industry competent to experienced people just because of knowledge shared by him.

He helps to learn and detach "EMOTIONS" from "LOGICAL" decision which has been a turning point to be debt free to me and my clients too.

"VIDEO LEARNING KIT" – My Best Companion in this journey. Most suitable for working professional and distant learners but I made sure that I spent 20 hours a week with the companion. 

Thank you once again for all the efforts that helped me to achieve this BIG MILESTONE. !!

Endless to say………

Thanks & Regards



324th Success Story:

Paras Kotak passed his 12th in 2012…As a Normal Commerce Student, He was Aspiring to do one of the Regulatory & Compliance Courses like CA / CS / CMA.

He passed CA – CPT 1st attempt in 2012. Then He completed CA- IPCC Group1 1st attempt in May 13. He also completed 3 years & 4 months of Article-ship. (Feb14 – May17).  He struggled lot to complete his IPCC Group2 & gave 8 times but he was not successful. 

Finally, He decided to quit CA Study & decided to look for an alternative career in Finance & started with CFA program. He completed CFA level 1 in Dec 2017. In Feb 2018, He enrolled in CFP Video Learning Kit & successfully passed all 5 level of CFP certification in Dec. 2018.

Congratulations to Mr. Paras Kotak, Aspiring Portfolio & Wealth Management Professional, CFA Level 2 Candidate, Mumbai successfully passed his CFP Exam 5 / AFP 1st attempt with help of VIDEO LEARNING KIT in Regular pathway in 10 months.

He also successfully passed all 4 module exams 1st attempt 65%+.

Watch his Success Story Video


Guru Dakshina

PARAS KOTAK <> Tue, Dec 25, 2018 at 7:44 PM

To: Keyur Shah CFP <>,

Dear Sir,

The 10 months CFP Journey with you as my CFP Coach from February 2018 to December 2018 had really changed my thought process and made my thinking matured Because of your excellent Training.

I completed all 5 Exams of CFP Certification in Regular Pathway in 10 months. You are definitely having Competitive Advantage in the CFP Coaching Industry as your training focuses on Domain Expertise.

The best part of your training which I liked is Comprehensive Handwritten Financial Plan teached by you with Pen, Paper and Calculator approach which is very easy to understand and easy to implement. 

Your Training has given me Confidence of managing my own Personal Finances as well as my Family's Finances, and now I also can talk with confidence on topics of Financial Planning & Wealth Management with  my friends, relatives and  investor's community and can also make Comprehensive Handwritten Financial Plans of above mentioned persons and also manage their Finances with process, perfection and with accuracy Even though I live in Central Mumbai specifically in Mulund West, I had enrolled with you by taking Video Learning Kit because it has following features

1.It offered me much more flexibility.

2.It saved my travelling time and the time which I saved I invested that time in my CFP Studies.

3. It was exactly like Classroom Training.

The Study Material Provided by you is not only useful in Passing Exams but from Knowledge point of view is also very useful. The Study Material provided by Sir is very comprehensive and if you thoroughly prepare with Sir's Study Material then there will be no stones left unturned.

Lastly Post Training Support provided by Sir was also very Excellent. Whatever doubts I had, Sir had solved all my doubts very patiently, Sir also helped me in designing strategy or action plan for each module exam and for Exam 5 i.e Advanced Financial Planning (A F P).

I thank you Sir, never got a mentor and Coach like you before in my life. Because of Sir's Motivation I am pursuing my CFA Studies and I will give CFA Level II in June 2019. Once again thank you Sir for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards

Paras Kotak

Mobile No:9967458487

323rd Success Story:

Mrs. Anshuta Kiran Jadhav, Pune, Founder, Mass Investments, Spouse of Mr. Kiran Jadhav, Pune,

successfully completed her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification in Regular Pathway with help of VIDEO #LEARNING KIT on 4th December 2018.


322nd Success Story:

Domain Expert (CFP with A gr @ 1st attempt) from an Investor (Age 46) with help of Video Learning Kit.

Mr. Venkateshwaran Subramanian, Age 46, Investor / Aspiring RIA (Ex. Sr. FMCG Professional), Nashik successfully passed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with the "A" gr. (75%+) on 14th Sept 2018.

Watch his Success Story Video

He enrolled in our MFFPWC – CFP VIDEO LEARNING KIT in Sept 2017 & Successfully passed all 4 module exams @ 1st attempt with a 70% & RAIP Module Exam A gr 81%


Dear Keyurji,

I would like to thank you for your guidance, enthusiastic support as well as ingraining in me the importance of understanding the financial planning concepts while using the Video Learning Kit for the CFP program.

Because of the techniques used by you as well the vast material given by you, I was able to understand the concepts as well as do continuous practice while dedicating 3-4 hours every day for the same.


The 5 steps process enabled me to solve problems and case studies in a structured manner. 

Additionally, I thank you for always being available to speak with me/meet me and clear any doubts that i had.

I once again thank for your coaching and mentoring in enabling me to become a CFP while gaining Domain Expertise.

Thanks and Regards,
Venkateshwaran Subramaniann

321st Success Story:

Age 52, BE, HNI Investor to CFP: Shaishav Shah, Mumbai

Mr. Shaishav Shah, Young & Energetic Sr. Project Management Professional, CEO, Vibgyor Infra Solutions P. Ltd, Aspiring IFA, successfully passed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification in Regular pathway 1st attempt on 7th sept 2018.

He enrolled in our 81st MFFPWC- CFP Double Sure Classroom Training in Aug 2017 & successfully passed all 4 module exams @ 1st attempt (60%+).

He invested approx 1000 hrs of preparation leads to domain expertise & success in all exams @ 1st attempt in 12 months period.

Must Watch his Success Story Video


A tribute note to my Mentor Keyurbhai

shaishav <> Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 4:00 PM

To: keyur shah <>

Respected Guruji Keyurbhai,

I got the most coveted Certification of CFP CM in 1st Week of Sept’2018

I remember our first meeting in Aug 2017 when I met you to understand the CFP CM  Course.  It was a big eye opener meeting for me.  

In my life of 51 years I had not met a person who was so Simple at the same time so Crisp in his thoughts. I enrolled with you without blinking and we started our 81st batch.  

It was quite odd for me as I was going to Class room training after almost 30 years. I found my batch-mate of 18 years and 4 others. Every session of training was like pilling off one layer of Onion.

At the end of Every session I was learning new things and started applying the same in my life. I remember you were after me to close my pending Loan.  Though I had invested my money in Equity and was getting a 6-7% additional return as completed to Loan, your constant follow-up and my late realization I finally closed my Loans. Let me tell you I was so light the next day as I was “DEBT FREE!!!”

After completing our training course in Jan’18 I started yet another tough journey of appearing for the 4 module exams. It was very difficult for me to study with focus as I had left the Education stream few decades back. But in my mind, I was very clear that I wanted to be a CFP.  This determination and your constant push, I cleared all 4 Module Exam and even the Exam-5 in FIRST ATTEMPT…… Wow What a feeling!!!

In last one month I have already started meeting many Prospects and got overwhelming response mainly b’se of the Unique method of doing Goal Based Financial Planning.

Thanking you would be an understatement as you have truly changed my Life and have given me a new path on which I would be able to change People’s life and put them on the path of FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

My target is to reach 100cr AUM by end of 2023 and I am sure I shall achieve it!!!

Keyurbhai, I shall always be indebted to you for being my Torch Bearer in my new life as a CFP and for all the guidance you have given.

Your’s obedient Student

Shaishav Shah




320th Success Story:

Mr. Pankaj Sindhu, Merrut, UP, IFA (Ex. Regional Manager, PNB Met Life Insurance) successfully completed his CFP certification in Challenge pathway with 60%+ in Sept. 18 with help of Video Learning Kit.


I Pankaj sindhu, 43 having an experience of about 20 years in financial and insurance sector and I did my graduation (B. Sc) way back in 1995 followed by MBA in 2014.

Before, I became a CFP professional, I didn't know what I didn't know?

I would like to thanks to KEYUR SHAH SIR for his kindness, patience and the way he taught us and thanks to the wonderful invention by keyur shah sir "Logical Magical 5 Steps Process, this makes my CFP journey quite easy.

Once again thanks to keyur Shah sir, God bless him……..

Pankaj Sindhu




319th Success Story:

Mr. Shomistho Changkakoti, Sr. IFA, Guwahati, Successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway with help of Video Learning Kit in Sept. 2018.


Thank you sir

shomistho changkakoti <> Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 11:40 PM

To: Keyur Shah CFP <>, Keyur Shah CFP <>


I want to thank you from bottom of my heart for showing me right direction to achieve my first milestone. I had joined your video classes in sept 2015 and since then I have been in touch with you till my completion of CFP advanced module and I wish I will get your guidance for CFP Practitioner also.  

Sir, because of your unique teaching methodology, your guidance and your motivation help me to achieve my Goal. 

I did not have any video learning experience earlier so a bit heisted while joining your video classes but later it makes me fell so easy that I could not differentiate between normal classes and video learning classes.

your learning methods are very easy to understand, so 80% of my doubts were cleared while going through the videos and so I hardly need to call you for that. I have never ever come across a coach, a mentor like you in my life.

Thank you, sir, for always pushing me to try my best.  I just want to let you know that I appreciate all of the hard work that you have put in.

With Warm Regards,

Shomistho Changkakoti






318th Success Story:

Ms. Preeti Patel, MBA (Finance), CFA – INDIA (worked as a Research Analyst with a leading Stock broking co., Mumbai for more than 5 years) successfully completed her CFP certification in Challenge pathway @ 1st attempt (60%+) with help of VIDEO LEARNING KIT in 6 months on 11th Oct 2018. (Mail ID:


317th Success Story:

Part Time to Full time IFA – CFP

Mr. Kamal Vora, enrolled in our 81st MFFPWC – CFP DoubleSure Classroom Batch in Aug 2017 & successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a "B" gr. (60%+). He also passed all four his Module exams @ 1st attempt with average 60%+ (B gr.)

Watch his Success Story Video

Guru Dakshina

kamal voraa <> Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 3:57 PM

To: Keyur Shah <>, Keyur Shah MFFPWC – CFP Coach <>

Dear Sir,

I had completed graduation on 2002 and shift to Mumbai. I have got the AMFI ARN holder card 2006. Than i join ICICI Bank as Executive officer May 2006. After 9-month I joined ICICI Prudential Life insurance as Unit Manager. One and half year on Oct 2008 TATA AIG Insurance. Oct 2009 to 2014 i changed the industries from Financial to Plastics .

From 2006 to 2014 i didn’t done any work for Mutual funds. From last 4 years i re-started MF business, But before one year i realize that I can’t handle HNI clients.  I was talking with all know people regarding to do MBA or other marketing course. finally, I got ref from Mr. Bhavinbhai regarding to do CFP through Keyurbhai only.

But i enquired two other places also but there was only theory basis & Pass the exam only motive. I met Keyurbhai finally i realize that I should do CFP through ONLY & ONLY from Keyurbhai .

Role of Keyurbhai in My Life : As a Guru / Mentor / Motivator / Personal Adviser  in each step of life from 13th Aug 2017 to till date.

Keyur Sir, always talking about thing Logically, Not Emotionally in each stage of Life. He thought me that You can do it yourself, after 2 Module exam i released that i should leave job and start own business. I keep the contingently funds for 6-7 months. For safe side.

Personally, I learn so many things in from Keyursir i.e. Basic financial Planning, Retirement, Vacation, how to reduced own expenses, debt free life and many more things. Very import for marketing point off view is skill knowledge and how to convert the clients.

I get benefit to join the Keyurbhai is to update the knowledge and get more interaction with other CFP also. I got very good support from Keyursir for clearing CFP all exam, and support from classmate also.


Thanks & Regards,


To Create Wealth…

Kamal Ssharadbhai Vora  – CFP^CM

86524 00075/7021230949.

316th Success Story:


Jignesh Vastani, (M: 8080270582) Seasoned Share Broker & IFA, Mumbai, enrolled in our 81st MFFPWC – CFP DoubleSure Classroom Batch in Aug 2017 & successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a B gr (60%+) on 20th Sept 2018.


Key Learning from his Video

1. Intra Day / F&O / Dabba / Short Term Trading is the BAD Habit like a Smoking / Drinking.

2. 99% Investors lose their part / full Capital & Precious time in the long run because of the above bad habit.

3. Ideally, Direct Equity Investors should transfer 80% of their investments in Quality MF Schemes to achieve their long-term Financial GOALS which will help them downside protection & good expected returns (12%).   

Must Watch Video


315th Success Story:

Mr. Yash Birla, Fresher, Jodhpur, successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular Pathway with help of Video Learning Kit. (9099406990 / 9782592999)



314th Success Story: Mr. Nevil Desai, Inter CA & IFA, Mumbai successfully completed his CFP certification in Challenge Pathway with help of Video Learning Kit.



313th Success Story: Mr. Nitin Sawant, SEBI RIA, Pune successfully completed his CFP certification in Challenge Pathway with help of Video Learning Kit.



312th Success Story: FCA Ranjan Jain, Delhi successfully completed his CFP certification with help of Video Learning Kit.



311th Success Story :

Dealer / RM to Analyst (A gr CFP)

Mr. Vishal Das, Post Graduate (Ex. Dealer / RM – Kotak Securities), Mumbai enrolled in our 81st MFFPWC – CFP Double Sure Classroom Batch in Aug 2017 by taking a sabbatical break & successfully completed his CFP certification in the Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with the “A” gr. (75%+) in May 2018.

He successfully passed his all 4 Module Exams @ 1st attempt with average 65%+ (B gr) & Final Exam (AFP / Exam 5) @ 1st attempt with the “A” gr. (75%+) on 24th May 2018.

He joined with a leading CFP / CFA Mr. Amar Pandit, My Financial Advisor, as a Personal Finance Research Analyst from July 2018. (He had total 3 offers in his hand)



From: Vishal Das  on Sat, 26 May 2018 01:39:49To:

Dear Keyur Sir,

It gives me an immense pleasure to share that I have cleared my CFP exam 5 with an "A" grade on 24th May 2018.

Sir, your question bank was quite exhaustive, there is no chance of failing if you go through entire question bank and mock test accordingly.

My part of story is that I had pursued CFP from Keyur Sir in July 2015, I had completed one module RPEB and then I left CFP.

After working 1.5 years in financial service sector, I have realized need of becoming CFP & what difference you can bring into your life and your client's life by doing CFP.

Now I can say that Keyur Sir's guidance has helped me to achieve this goal.

As I was coming to class on Saturdays and I was accessible to video learning kit also, i have realized VLK is one of the best way to prepare for CFP certification.  

Once again thanking you and feeling privileged to get such caring coach
Thanks and Regards
Vishal Das.
M. 98212 47959 / 88280 0559

310th Success Story:

Ms. Apurva Jain, 3rd Year Graduation Student, Kolkata successfully completed her CFP certification @ 1st attempt wih a “B” gr. (60%+) with help of VIDEO LEARNING KIT in July 2018.


Firstly, I would like to thank Keyur Sir for your support and guidance.

I am a Bcom 3rd year student and cleared all my exams in a regular pathway with good grades and in single attempt with 1st class (60%+).

I can say that he is the best coach.

Technology has made it easier for students to learn with devices, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an inspirational teacher like you. The mock tests which he provides before exam are so valuable.

The 5 steps Logical & Magical Process which he has taught us is so well constructed that we can crack any questions easily. Drawing a timeline makes everything easier.

His main motive is not only to crack the exams but also to learn and use the techniques in real life also.

I seriously had no idea about stock market, different types of products, taxation of privately sold shares, dividend stripping, etc now I can confidently talk about these topics.

This is all because of you Sir

Thank you so much


Apurva Jain

81330 39500

309th Success Story:

Ms. Minal Panchal, Accounts / Audit Professional, Mumbai enrolled in our 81st MFFPWC – CFP double Sure Classroom Batch in Aug 17 & Successfully completed her CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr. (1st Class – 60%+).

minal panchal <> Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 3:52 PM

To: Keyur Shah <>

Dear Sir,


I feel so much of gratitude towards you. I feel really lucky that i got a coach like you. You have changed my life completely. Earlier i was not aware about anything. You have trained me in such a way that i can confidently stand & share the knowledge which i have gained from you.

One thing i really liked about classroom training was that you were discussing about current affairs also. Sometimes you spoken harshly as well which made me more perfect in my learning.

Your video learning kit was amazing. You have design it in such a beautiful way that I got all answers for my questions within that videos only. It was very comfortable so anyone can easily able to understand.

Your post training support was mind blowing. As you were always there for all doubts & always in touch till my last exam. You had always motivated me a lot.

I am glad that because of you & your training i cleared all my exams at 1st attempt.

Many many thanks to you sir. You gave a very good turning point to my career path.

I will always be thankful to you.   

Thanks & Regards,

Minal Panchal

98673 09523

308th Success Story:

Fresher Post Graduate to Entrepreneur (Independent Financial Advisor)

Mr. Ravi Deshmukh, Fresher Post Graduate, Karad (MH), Successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr. (60%+) with the help of VIDEO LEARNING KIT in 7 months.

He got required expertise in the Personal Finance domain Knowledge, Soft skills (Client Acquisition, Advisory & Retention) & Practical Applications during CFP Learning Journey which motivated him to starts his independent Advisory instead of Job.



Ravi Deshmukh Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 1:11 PM

To: Keyur Shah <>

I am very happy to share that I cleared my CFP Certification in 1st attempt on 22nd May 2018 with "B" grade in regular pathway with the help of video learning kit.

I would like to thank you for your coaching and guidance provided by you in my CFP Certification journey.

Even though I was fresher you gave me enough confidence to start my own financial planning firm Arthmitra Wealth Creators. Your coaching methodology and practical approach and its implementation helped me in real life situations.

Training module is based on logical thought process and simplifying subject with practical approach. It is the USP of this training program. I can suggest , if anyone wants to clear exam in 1st attempt and want to start own financial advisory firm should just follow your advice even if he does not have finance background he will get that much confidence.

Video learning kit is very good. It is well structured and sufficient to grasp all subject matter. When watching videos, I feel like classroom session and feel like I am directly interacting with each other.

Study material, question bank and solutions provided were exhaustive and covered all complex level problems as well as real life financial case study.

Once again, I am very much thankful to you.

Thanks & Regard,

Ravindra Deshmukh

Arthmitra Wealth Creators


307th Success Story:

Mr. Charanjit Singh, Amritsar, IFA successfully completed his CFP certification with help of Video Learning Kit in March 2018. (M. 9888585969)


306th Success Story:

Mr. Abdul Latif Khan, Sr. IFA & Agency Associate, Max life, Mumbai, successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway in April 2018. He enrolled in our 70th Classroom batch in 2016. (9867063674 / 9967337786




305th Success Story:

Mr. Ravi Kulkarani, Sr. IFA, Hyderabad, successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr. (60%+) with help of Video Learning Kit.

Ravi Kulkarni <> Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 8:14 PM
To: keyur shah <>


Dear Keyur Ji,

Happy to share that cleared 5th Module Advanced Financial Planning with Grade B in the Single attempt.

Your high-quality video learning kit with simple to understand techniques and explanation helped a lot in understanding most of the concepts.

Sincerely if not took help of VLK would not have cleared in first attempt.

Thank you once again and keep the good work in helping students clear CFP.   


Ravikiran Kulkarni



304th Success Story: “A” gr. (75%+) in CFP Regular pathway

Ms. Muskaan Jain, 3rd Year commerce college student, Kolkata, Video Learning Aspirant passed her CFP Exam 5 / AFP @ 1st attempt with the A gr (75%+) in Regular pathway on 23rd January 2018.

From: Muskaan Jain <> on Sun, 11 Feb 2018 18:13:53

To: Keyur Shah CFP , 





Dear Sir,

I have completed  CFP certification with the “A” grade in regular pathway with the help of video learning kit. Video learning kit and study material provided by sir are arranged so systematically  that it is very convenient to use. 

Moreover queries handling over the phone were not at a problem sir is very patient regarding doubt solving and building the concept. With the help of the certification, I have got much knowledge about the markets and how finance can be managed.  it the right way and in the right time.

This will not only help me professionally but also personally.

I am in my final year of graduation and so thinking to continue my studies by perusing  CFA as my next goal.

I have also passed my Investment Planning Module Exam @ 1st Attempt with the “A” Gr.

Muskaan Jain


98307 10506

303rd Success Story:

Mr. Nihar Khurana, Young IFA, Delhi, Successfully completed his CFP Certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr (60%+) in 7 months with help of Video Learning Kit.

He has passed all 4 module Exams @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr (65%+) @ 1st attempt.

Nihar Khurana <> Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 5:23 PM

To: Keyur Shah <>


Hello Sir,

I am really thankful to you for guiding me and helping me complete my CFP journey within 7 months of starting it.

In today`s world, where education has become just another industry to make money, it is very rare to find teachers like you who really care about the student.

Your telephonic support and guidance was the best part of your coaching.

Your videos were so exhaustive and complete that I did not have to look anywhere else at all. All difficult concepts were explained so simply and easily. 

I never felt as if I had taken a distance coaching program, I always felt as if you were always with me and just a call away for any doubts. Thanks a lot sir. I would recommend your coaching to anyone who wants to do CFP.


Nihar Khurana



302nd Success Story:

Ms. Tejal Wairkar, KPO Professional, Mumbai enrolled in Double Sure 77th Batch & successfully completed her CFP certification in regular pathway with a “B” gr. in 10 months.

She  has already started her job as a Para Planner with a leading FEE only Financial Planning firm M/S V.R. Wealth Advisor (Job was referred by Mr. Keyur Shah)   

Tejal Wairkar <> Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 2:43 PM

Reply-To: "" <>

To: Keyur Shah <>


Hello sir,

It is an amazing feeling to have cleared all my exam in such a short period of time.

My journey with you began when one of my friend and your former participant suggested me to join you. In our first meeting itself you provided me with proper guidance about the course and teaching methodology which prompted me to join you.

I would say my entire journey with you was a new learning experience. The best part being clarity of concepts be it on basic level or advance level, which helped me a lot in clearing my modules and final exam. 

Post training support was also very helpful, like how to start, which areas I should focus and concentrate and how much time I should allocate for each module and final exam.

After completing my exams, I have confidence in myself that firstly, I can help people understand the importance of financial planning and also prepare financial plan to help them manage their finances. 

Thank you sir for your support and guidance.

Thanks and regards,

Tejal Wairkar 96196 05458 / 98209 18561


Watch her Success Story Videos

1) Exam 5 / AFP

2) Module Exam

301st Success Story

Ms. Disha Dawada, Fresher Graduate, Mumbai enrolled in Video Learning Kit & successfully completed her CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with the “ A “ (75%+) on 7th September 2017.

Watch Her Success Story Video


Disha Dawda <>

To: Keyur Shah <>

Just similar to the classroom lectures and the best part is we can study at any time as per our convenience.

Even the mock test provided by you were so helpful and the level of difficulty was just like the FPSBI exams.

You were always there to guide me and help me solve all my queries at any point of time.

The study material provided by you is just self-sufficient for the exams as it covered each and everything which was significant. You just not only helped me to clear my exams but at the same time you made me help to build my future.

Once again i am very much thankful to you because if I would have not joined with you then may be i would have not completed my exams so early


Disha Dawda



300th Success Story: A Gr. In CFP Regular Pathway Certification

Ms. Saili enrolled in our 69th Classroom batch & successfully passed her CFP certification in Regular Pathway Exam 5 / AFP @ 1st attempt with the A gr. (75%+) on 21st Aug.17.

Must Watch her Video

Saili got her dream job @ 1st interview

Watch her Success Story Video

Saili 1Saili Marksheet


sailigurav<>          Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:42 AM

To: Keyur Shah <>

Hi Sir,

I started my CFP journey in 2014, but the actual journey of CFP started with you in 2016. Under your guidance and following your instructions made my thoughts and view clear that I have taken the correct decision for making my career into Financial Planning, and of course the bonus is of getting you as a GURU for my journey.

Apart from your training, your positive attitude and motivating nature has always given the eagerness and positive energy to work harder to reach to your targets at earliest. I am thankful that I have started my career and the journey of CFP under your guidance and support.

Thank you so much….!!!!!


Saili A Vaidya,CFP^CM (A)

8879984189 / 9773481646

299th Success Story :

Ms. Sonal Narwani, Fresher, Raipur, successfully completed her CFP certification in Regular Pathway.

298th Success Story :

Mr. Srinivas, BE, MBA, IFA – NJ Partner, Mumbai, Successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway in Nov 2017.


297th Success Story:

Ms. Urmila Singh, Para Planner, S9 Financial Planner, Mumbai was unsuccessful in her 4th Module CFP Exam TPEP & later on enrolled in 77th batch March 17 & Successfully completed her TPEP @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr on 20th June & CFP Exam 5 / AFP @ 1st attempt with a B ( 60%+) in Regular pathway on 7th September 2017. 


Watch her Exam 5 Success Story Video

Watch her Exam 4 / TPEP Success Story Video

From: urmilasingh<> on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 20:06:11


Sigh of relief was something that was missing when I was struggling through my preparation period but clearing with B grade in my CFP exam gave me that for sure.

The day I met sir for my admission I was skeptical about investing my time and money to join the 77th Batch from 5th March 2017, but today I feel that was one of my wisest decision taken.

Clearing CFP exams is surely possible with hard work, but understanding the logic and concepts behind it was taught by Mr.Keyur Shah.

Before joining his classes I had cleared my 3 modules but confidence of being a financial doctor was straight there when I was learning from sir.

Thank you, sir, for all the knowledge and patience that you showed.

 It was your confidence in me that made me more confident in my journey of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.


Urmila Singh



296th Success Story :

Mr. Jayant Nair, Sr. Professional, Navi Mumbai, successfully completed his CFP certification in Challenge pathway @ 1st attempt with help of Video Learning Kit in Oct. 2017.


295th Success story:

The MFFWP – CFP Video Learning Kit will help you prepare not just for your exams but also for your Professional life.

Mr. Adwait Pawaskar Fresher BMS Graduate, Mumbai successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a “ B” gr. on 30th June.

He enrolled in our 74th batch classroom training workshop in Aug 16 & successfully completed his all 4 module exams @ 1st attempt with a B gr till 30th April 17.

He attended our 78th batch 18 full day training in May 17 and practiced more than 200+ hrs which helped him to complete his EXAM 5 / AFP @ 1st attempt with a B gr ( 60%+)
He attended our 78th batch 18 full day training in May 17 and practiced more than 200+ hrs which helped him to complete his EXAM 5 / AFP @ 1st attempt with a B gr ( 60%+)

Click link to watch his Video

Adwait Pawaskar Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 10:21 AM

Sir, I am immensely happy that i completed my CFP Exam 5 with a B grade and this entire journeys success would not have been possible without your right coaching and right mentoring at each and every step.

I enrolled in 74th batch in August 2016 in clasroom training, and it was my introduction to the world of Personal Finance, learnt many new things like

1. How exactly are Loans interest rates are calculated, hidden processing fees, effective rate of interest.

2. Compound Interest the 8th wonder of the world

3. How to understand performing funds based on various ratios.

4. How to calculate minimum and maximum insurance requirement for individual

5. Importance of doing practical handouts without which studying financial planning is incomplete.

And most importantly i learned the 5 step process which is the heart and soul of success through all exams as well as for a CFP practitioner.

completed my 4 module exams RPEB,IP and RAIP TPEP by April 2017. All four exams Sir provided post training support and strategy how to prepare for the exam and book right dates. It is highly highly Important to TRUST YOUR COACH and understand that he has completed this journey with many CFP aspirants like us.

I enrolled for Video learning kit in April for revision for my last module exam as well as Exam 5. Sir also suggested to be part of 78th video learning MFFWP 18 day workshop.

The 18 full day workshop helped me revise the entire study material once again under Sirs guidance as well as prepared me for advanced level sums from Exam 5 perspective. The MFFWP video kit helps you prepare not just for your exams but also for your professional life.

I also learnt how to interact with clients in the live demos. I was able to get a holistic view of a Financial Plan, and backed by this knowledge and Sirs guidance i made a Financial Plan of my own family. Through it we understood our current financial health, and right steps to take and mistakes to avoid in the future journey.

Once we are backed with right knowledge and understanding (hard skills) only then do soft skills matter is something Sir taught us in this workshop and something I would live by in my professional career.

To all my friends who are pursuing CFP training currently with Sir or wishing to pursue, i would say that TRUST your coach blindly, and simply follow what guidelines Sir suggests, be in contact with Sir throughout your preparation and update about progress, and request for Mock test right time before exam as Sir suggests.

Once again I would like to thank you sir for being a Coach, a Mentor and most importantly a Guru, who showed light to the right path in this entire 10 month journey.
Wishing all the best to all CFP aspirants !
Adwait Pawaskar
8286305092 / 7021909669

294th Success story : Must Watch Video for SBI / PSU Banker
/ employee

Mr. Shivnarayan Tyagi, Manager, STATE BANK OF INDIA, Kharghar br completed his CFP certification successfully @ 1st attempt on 27th June 17. He enrolled in our 73rd CFP Classroom Batch in July 16.

SHIV NARAYAN TYAGI Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 8:37 AM


Watch his Success story Video for more detail–TLih4

Dear Keyur Sir,

I am very glad to inform you that I have cleared the final exam 5 in 1st attempt and take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all the efforts taken by you in shaping this success for me.

I would like to thank you for teaching practical aspects of the course in structured and simplified manner which helped me to get to know the course in-depth and gain the thorough knowledge and concept , which will be fruitful in my entire career. I have learnt the dire importance of Financial planning in the anybody life and this is a kind of transformation process for me, which helped me to become Finance professional.

Your CFP material & coaching is full proof way to clear the CFP exams. Infect I could covered only 50% of your material provided, but your consistent guidance, supports and motivation or your brutal honesty make it possible for me.

It is just beginning for me, but I became much confident and thoughtful after this CFP journey. I will always seek your support and guidance for me and will always look forward to keep you updated.

Thank you once again and wish you all the very best.
Your Student,
Shiv Narayan Tyagi

293rd Success Story : Must Watch Video for Mutual Fund Relationship Manager
Subject: Testimonial
From: Nitin Chodha
on Sat, 08 Jul 2017 13:19:18

Watch his Video for more detail

Dear Keyur Sir,

First and foremost Wish You a Very Happy Birthday. May you have a wonderful year ahead and may You create many more CFP's with your Coaching.

I am glad that I took your coaching for my CFP and the journey with you has been a wonderful experience for me. I was thinking of doing CFP since a long time but kept making excuses that I wont be able to do along with job and kept delaying it. But after just one meeting with you I enrolled into your classroom batch and completed my journey by passing my examination on 27th June.

The best part about your Coaching was You always kept pushing us towards achieving our Goal. Right from classroom coaching to Registration of examination to deciding on Examination date You have helped in every aspect and given your guidance.

The last one month before the exam was the most anxious time but talking to you, solving my queries with you kept giving me confidence and I used to always feel more confident about clearing CFP after interaction with you.

I once again Thank You for your wonderful Coaching and Wish you All the Success in coming years.

And to anyone who is thinking of doing CFP I just want to say two things:

1. Join Keyur Shah Sir (Classes or Video Learning). Be rest assured you will get all the support till the end.
2. Just follow his instructions right from day 1. These 2 things will ensure that you achieve your Goal. 

Nitin Satish Chodha



292nd Success Story : 
Everyone needs Coach to achieve Success 

Mr. Tushar Javkar, Associate Director- PBG, HDFC Bank, Mumbai successfully completed his CFP certification @ 1st attempt with a “B” gr. (60%+) on 20th June 2017. He enrolled in our 75th Classroom Batch  in October 2016.


From: tushar javkar <> on Sat, 24 Jun 2017 22:08:41

Dear Keyur Shah Sir,

Finally…the journey started in 2008 has come to an happy ending…and credit for the same goes to none other than Mr. Keyur Shah. 

Watch his Success Story Video

I registered for CFP certification in July 2008 after finishing MBA – Finance with 2nd rank in the Mumbai University. I was very confident that I will complete the CFP certification within one year but things doesn't always turnout as you expect Years passed but I could not clear even a single module because of lack of time management. Though I managed to clear Investment Planning module in 2011 with "A" grade (84%) in a self study mode but the commitment required for taking it over the finishing line was missing. 

I believed that I had the talent but the technique was missing. Everyone knows The Sachin Tendulkar must not have been "The God of Cricket" without his coach and guru Shri Ramakant Achrekar sir. The similar role of coach and guru has been played by Keyur sir in my success. 

The time management lessons, the valuable 5 step process and equally competent self prepared notes of the sir were the underlying gems in my success story. When I met sir for the first time on October 10, 2016 he asked me to stick to the own plan and devote atleast 2-3 hours daily for next 8-9 months. I followed sir's words blindly and the result is in front of all of you. 

I think without the pen & paper method and the magical & logical 5 steps process the journey of CFP certification is incomplete. As this learning is not just for passing the exam but we are going to implement all of this in our day-to-day working as well. Keyur sir not only teaches process but also prepares all students for real life scenarios. 

Thank you once again sir for building that belief of "We can do it!! And you can do it!!"

Best Regards
Tushar Javkar 
Associate Director- PBG
HDFC Bank 
9869875625 / 7977681193

“Your Brutal Honesty is what loved most. Whatever I may accomplish in Financial Planning will be because of your Training”


291st Success Story:

Mr. Parth Kothari, Fresher Graduate, Ahmedabad was not successful in his 1st exam & later on enrolled in our Video Learning Kit in Sept. 16 & Successfully completed his CFP certification in Regular pathway (All 5 Exams) @ 1st attempt with a “B” (60%+) in May 17.



Subject: Thank you Sir

From: PARTH KOTHARI <> on Fri, 26 May 2017 00:03:20


Dear Keyur Sir,

I am happy to inform you that i have cleared Exam 5 with a 'B' grade.

Your video Learning Kit was not only helpful but it also makes sure that every important concept are covered and explained by you in a simple way. Your Training is 1.5 times difficult which is good because I found Exam 5 easy.

Your Training not only help us for CFP curriculum but other Practical example you give in Video Learning are also helpful.

Study Material provided by you for homework or practice makes sure that we can manage to solve difficult questions after Video Learning. Post Training when i have any queries and if you are not available at that particular moment but still you make sure that my queries are solved through your support staff or by yourself later.

Your Brutal Honesty is what loved most. Whatever i may accomplish in Financial Planning will be because of your Training.

Thank you for everything.

Your Student

Parth Kothari


290th Success Story:

Dr. Imran Sheikh, Delhi (Investor Family & Aspiring IFA) enrolled in our Video Learning Kit in Feb 17 & successfully completed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification in Regular Pathway @ 1st attempt on 23rd May 2017.

“You will be surprised to know that I was visiting many BANK managers and HEAD of Broking houses and during my conversation they were all impressed by me”


Sheikh Imran <> Thu, May 25, 2017 at 1:18 PM

To: keyur shah <>

Hello Sir

First of all I want to say that I feel very lucky that I have got you as my CFP Coach, Really before you I had Subscribed with another Coaching and after working with 1 month with full dedication, I was not able to solve only simple loan calculation too , but with your style, I completed my CFP in just 4 Months.

I was having so much confidence that I can pass all exams easily @ 1st attempt, that’s why I gave 4 module exams as following :

1.       RPEB on 11th April

2.       RAIP on 18th April

3.       IP on 21st April

4.       TPEP on 27th April

And I pass all of them in 1st Attempt , You teach a lot of things and strategies which no one can find on internet , so I just did not pass the exam but I got Huge knowledge regarding Personal Finance , I know you also taught us , many things which are out of syllabus but these are very important concepts which help us in Real Life.

You will be surprised to know that I was visiting many BANK managers and HEAD of Broking houses and during my conversation they were all impressed by me , and In these months , I also gave the following exams.

1.       NISM VIII Derivatives  , got 88% Marks

2.       NISM Mutual Fund Distributors  , Got 81% Marks

3.       NISM Mutual Fund Distributors (LEVEL 2) , & got 86.5% Marks.

& now I passed the Final Exam 23rd May & I have full confidence that I can provide Comprehensive Financial planning services to my clients.

I Strongly suggest everyone who wanted to be an Independent FINANCIAL ADVISOR that he should join your video learning course as it is the easiest way to get this designation.

“Really, I do not have words for  the support you have provided and the motivation , when I was very low” 

Thanks once again sir,

Best Regards

Sheikh Imran


289th Success Story:

 Mr. Nishant Agarwal, CA Aspirant, working Deloitte as a Articleship Trainee, Delhi enrolled in our Video Learning Kit in Aug 16 and successfully completed his CFP certification (All 5 Exams) in Regular pathway @ 1st attempt with a “ B” gr. in May 17.  (Mail ID:



288th Success Story:

Now, I am confident to achieve MF AUM of Rs. 100+ Cr in next 3 to 5 years.

Mr. Vinod Benade, Sr. IFA, Mumbai successfully completed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification in challenge pathway with a “B” (60%+) on 11th April 2017.

Thank You Sir.


Vinod Benade <> Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 3:03 PM


Dear Keyur Sir,

I am very glad to inform you that I have cleared the final exam 5 and take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all the efforts taken by you in shaping this success for me.

First of all, I would like to thank you for completing CFP Syllabus not only in a methodical way but also by teaching practical aspects of the course in structured and simplified manner which helped me to get to know the course in-depth and gain the thorough knowledge, which I now will be able to utilize for my clients. This was kind of a transformation process for me, which helped me to become Finance professional.

You taught us that “Satisfaction shall be in your efforts and not the results” thus your class was never only for the purpose of “How to clear the examination” but was something more that, which is, class of teaching the hard work, how to handle the clients, why it is the need of the hour to guide people about Financial Planning and much more.

My 1st meeting is now dedicated to helping my clients to identify and prioritize their Short term, Medium & Long Term Goals ( Case Study preparation) instead of talking / suggesting products.

Now, I am confident to achieve MF AUM of Rs. 100+ Cr in next 3 to 5 years.

And last but not the least, though we are parting our ways you will always be teacher and guide for me and will always look forward to keep you updated for all my ventures.

Thank you once again and wish you all the very best for your noble work of education.

Your Student,

Vinod Benade


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