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13th Sept – Video

1) Welcome Speech of Mr. Keyur Shah, CFPCM , India’s Best Expert Coach & Trainer (CFP) in our 2nd Learning Conference “ A Journey from Agent to Financial Planner” date 13th September in Motilal Oswal Tower, Mumbai.

Click below link to watch Video


2) Happy to share Video of Mr. Paresh Shah, Sr. leading Independent Financial Adviser and Planner, Borivali, Mumbai on 13th Sept. conference " A Journey from Agent to Financial Planner" @ Motilal Oswal Tower, Mumbai.

His success story (from Pain to Happiness) which was very inspiring & Motivating to all IFAs / Financial Planner.

He motivated all his clients to tag Name / Purpose to their Investments which is the one of finest example of Goal based Financial Planning.

He launched an innovative schemes likes Honeymoon planning or buying Scooter / Bike from a pocket money savings among the College going students which motivated them to starts savings early in their career and achieving life goals through SIPs in MFs.

Today, He has more than Rs. 100 Crore AUM which demonstrates his Client Centric approach, Goal based financial planning and focused hard work without worrying about regulatory hurdles.


3) Mr. Sandeep Gandhi, leading Sr. Independent Financial Adviser & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Rajkot, Gujarat having MF AUM more than Rs. 100 Crores and 20+ years experience delivered one of the best presentation in our 2nd Learning Conference “ A Journey from Agent to Financial Planner” on 13th September 2015 @ Motilal Oswal Tower, Mumbai.

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Birth as an Agent:

He started his career in 11th Std. as an Equity IPO forms distribution, Share sub brokers in 1985. He was fascinated by Money management and always believe that Money management is an art not only science.

Later on He became Life & Non- Life insurance Agent but always acted as an HONEST AGENT…Shared always conservative bonus figs or Disclosed of material facts before selling policies.

2nd birth as a Financial Planner:

Started Journey of CFP certification in 2005…Completed in 2013 with help of Mr. Keyur Shah…Each one of you need a Coach.

Now as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER…Prepares Family Balance Sheet, Document each discussion with a client, Insist client to tag investments…now 95% discussion on Goal based Financial Planning and only 5% products…Finally, Image changed from Agent to Financial Planner…Charges fee as Rs. 1000 to max. Rs. 30,000 pa.

We have to inculcate habit of right “FEE cheque” to client…FREE no value…One day commission might reduce or go…So best option to charge fix fees to clients.

When I started charging fees…20% clients left…but 80% are retained…They give fees and good business…More satisfaction and gained respect from Clients and IFA community.

Now, his clients are bypassing CA, Accounts and more over many reputed CAs are his clients. When He started drawing a TIME LINE..Client better understood and started SIPs to achieve multiple life goals. Today He is getting repeated investments & references from same clients.


# If succession planning is not possible…then you can sell your business.

# Tie ups or mergers with experts.

# MF Volume will be 10 times in next 5 year.

# Have open mind required to learn new things

# Adopt Technology innovations & changes


# Robo Advisory

# Do it yourself (DIY)

# Selling of non-suitable products by too many people (Agents or Bank RMs.)

He solved thoroughly queries of participants regarding How to Charge fees to clients, Need Analysis, Process to acquire new clients and suggesting to define time horizon to investments if client not willing to tag name of goal.


4) Mr. Aashish Somaiyaa , MD & CEO, Motilal Oswal AMC, Mumbai delivered one of the best presentation in our 2nd Learning Conference “A Journey from Agent to Financial Planner” dated 13th September 2015 in Motilal Oswal Tower, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

Click to watch Video

Aashish Sir’s presentation was divided in 2 broad categories.

1) Why IFA should be a Financial Planner from Agent

2) Wealth Creation through Equities

He shared his real life experience and stress below areas to be a Financial Planner.

# IFA should starts charging fees to their clients to provide quality advisory and services.

# If Doctor or Architect don’t charge fees than as a customer what you will think?

# Be a Professional…Introduce Process in discussion with clients

He shared easy to understand real life examples to explain how one can do wealth creation through equities.

$ Objective of Stock market is to provide Liquidity & Price Discovery…Return comes from Earning of company not from stock market.

$ IFA should avoid discussing about Market and Products with their clients…Focus must be on achieving client’s Financial Plan.

# We should educate our clients about Life Style Inflation not only about CPI.

# India is still small cap Vs. Global market…Our market size is just 2% of global market…Our biggest company TCS is just 10% size of Apple…So there is huge potential to grow for NIFTY companies like TCS, HDFC in the long run.

# We should not worry about cost but focus on net return produced by a fund.

He solved participant queries regarding Online Platform, Direct Equity Vs MF and Real Estate Vs. Equity.

Aashish Sir’s presentation was rated BEST presentation by 100+ participants and we thank for their value addition and supports for making conference successful.